How Many Districts in Maharashtra?

Introduction | How Many Districts in Maharashtra?

How Many Districts in Maharashtra | Maharashtra, the third-largest state in India, is known for its diverse culture, vibrant festivals, and dynamic economy. As a curious individual, you might be interested to know how this vast state is administratively divided. In this article, we will delve into the number of districts in Maharashtra and explore the significance of these administrative divisions.

Total Number of Districts in Maharashtra

As of now, Maharashtra is divided into a total of 36 districts. Each district holds its unique cultural heritage, historical significance, and administrative importance.

List of Districts in Maharashtra

S.No.District NameDate of Formation
1Ahmednagar1 May 1960
2Akola1 May 1960
3Amravati1 May 1960
4Aurangabad1 May 1960
5Beed1 May 1960
6Bhandara1 May 1960
7Buldhana1 May 1960
8Chandrapur1 May 1960
9Dhule1 May 1960
10Jalgaon1 May 1960
11Kolhapur1 May 1960
12Mumbai City1 May 1960
13Nagpur1 May 1960
14Nanded1 May 1960
15Nashik1 May 1960
16Osmanabad1 May 1960
17Parbhani1 May 1960
18Pune1 May 1960
19Raigad1 May 1960
20Ratnagiri1 May 1960
21Sangli1 May 1960
22Satara1 May 1960
23Solapur1 May 1960
24Thane1 May 1960
25Wardha1 May 1960
26Yavatmal1 May 1960
27Jalna1 May 1981
28Sindhudurg1 May 1981
29Latur16 August 1982
30Gadchiroli26 August 1982
31Mumbai Suburban1 October 1990
32Nandurbar1 July 1998
33Washim1 July 1998
34Gondia1 May 1999
35Hingoli1 May 1999
36Palghar1 August 2014

Insights into Key Districts of Maharastra

Mumbai – The Financial Capital

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is the financial, commercial, and entertainment hub of India. It is known for its bustling markets, iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India, and the vibrant Bollywood industry.

Pune – The Cultural Hub

Pune, often referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is known for its educational institutions, historical monuments like Shaniwar Wada, and a thriving arts and music scene.

Nagpur – The Orange City

Nagpur is famous for its orange orchards and is a major trade center for oranges in India. It is also known for its rich cultural heritage and hosts the annual Nagpur Orange Festival.


The districts of Maharashtra form the backbone of its administrative structure, contributing to the state’s progress and development. Each district has its unique charm, and together, they create a diverse and culturally rich landscape. Understanding the significance of these administrative divisions helps us appreciate the rich heritage and diversity of Maharashtra.


How many districts were there in Maharashtra before the recent additions?

As of now, Maharashtra had 36 districts.

What led to the formation of Maharashtra as a separate state?

Maharashtra was formed on May 1, 1960, following the reorganization of states on the basis of language.

Which is the most populous district in Maharashtra?

As of [current year], Mumbai Suburban is the most populous district in Maharashtra.

Are there any plans to create new districts in Maharashtra?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the creation of new districts in Maharashtra.

How are district boundaries determined?

District boundaries are usually based on various factors, including geography, population, and administrative considerations, ensuring efficient governance and representation.

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