How Many Districts in Karnataka?

Introduction | How Many Districts in Karnataka?

How Many Districts in Karnataka | Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India, is known for its diverse culture, rich heritage, and breathtaking landscapes. As a curious individual, you might be interested to know how this state is administratively divided. In this article, we will explore the number of districts in Karnataka and shed light on the importance of these administrative divisions.

Total Number of Districts in Karnataka

As of now, Karnataka is divided into a total of 31 districts. Each district is unique in its geographical, cultural, and historical aspects.

List of Districts in Karnataka

S.No.District NameDate of Formation
1Bengaluru Urban1 November 1956
2Belagavi1 November 1956
3Ballary1 November 1956
4Bidar1 November 1956
5Vijayapura1 November 1956
6Chikkamagaluru1 November 1956
7Chitradurga1 November 1956
8Dakshina Kannada1 November 1956
9Dharwad1 November 1956
10Kalaburagi1 November 1956
11Hassan1 November 1956
12Kodagu1 November 1956
13Kolara1 November 1956
14Mandya1 November 1956
15Mysuru1 November 1956
16Raichuru1 November 1956
17Shivamogga1 November 1956
18Tumakuru1 November 1956
19Uttara Kannada1 November 1956
20Bengaluru Rural15 August 1986
21Bagalkote15 August 1997
22Chamarajanagara15 August 1997
23Davanagere15 August 1997
24Gadag24 August 1997
25Haveri24 August 1997
26Koppala24 August 1997
27Udupi25 August 1997
28Chikkaballapura10 September 2007
29Ramanagara10 September 2007
30Yadgiri30 December 2009
31Vijayanagara18 November 2020


The administrative divisions of Karnataka in the form of districts are essential for the state’s smooth functioning. Each district contributes to the overall development of the state and caters to the specific needs of its residents. The historical context of these divisions adds to their significance, making them an integral part of Karnataka’s identity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any plans to add more districts to Karnataka in the future?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the addition of new districts to Karnataka.

How are the districts named in Karnataka?

The names of districts in Karnataka are typically based on the region’s geographical features, historical importance, or cultural significance.

Which district in Karnataka is the most populous?

Bengaluru Urban district, which includes the capital city, Bengaluru, is the most populous district in Karnataka.

How often are district boundaries reviewed or changed?

District boundaries are usually reviewed periodically to accommodate demographic changes and improve administrative efficiency.

What is the significance of the Deputy Commissioner in a district?

The Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head of a district and plays a vital role in implementing government policies and ensuring smooth governance at the local level.

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