How Many Districts in Tamil Nadu?

Introduction | How Many Districts in Tamil Nadu?

How Many Districts in Tamil Nadu | Tamil Nadu, a vibrant and culturally rich state in South India, boasts a diverse landscape and a long history. As a visitor or even a resident, you might wonder how this beautiful state is administratively divided. In this article, we will delve into the details of the districts in Tamil Nadu and explore the significance of these administrative divisions.

Total Number of Districts in Tamil Nadu

As of now, Tamil Nadu is divided into a total of 38 districts. Each district has its unique characteristics, cultural heritage, and administrative importance.

List of Districts in Tamil Nadu

S.No.District NameDate of Formation
1Chennai1 November 1956
2Coimbatore1 November 1956
3Kanniyakumari1 November 1956
4Madurai1 November 1956
5Nilgiris1 November 1956
6Ramanathapuram1 November 1956
7Salem1 November 1956
8Thanjavur1 November 1956
9Tiruchirappalli1 November 1956
10Tirunelveli1 November 1956
11Dharmapuri2 October 1965
12Pudukkottai14 January 1974
13Erode31 August 1979
14Sivagangai15 March 1985
15Virudhunagar15 March 1985
16Dindigul15 September 1985
17Thoothukudi20 October 1986
18Tiruvannamalai30 September 1989
19Vellore30 September 1989
20Nagapattinam18 October 1991
21Tiruvarur18 October 1991
22Cuddalore30 September 1993
23Viluppuram30 September 1993
24Karur30 September 1995
25Perambalur30 September 1995
26Theni25 July 1996
27Namakkal1 January 1997
28Kanchipuram1 July 1997
29Tiruvallur1 July 1997
30Krishnagiri9 February 2004
31Ariyalur23 November 2007
32Tiruppur22 February 2009
33Tenkasi22 November 2019
34Kallakurichi26 November 2019
35Ranipet28 November 2019
36Tirupathur28 November 2019
37Chengalpattu29 November 2019
38Mayiladuthurai28 December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How many districts were there in Tamil Nadu before the recent additions?

As of now, Tamil Nadu had 38 districts.

Which is the largest district in Tamil Nadu?

Kanyakumari is the largest district in Tamil Nadu in terms of area.

How is the district’s boundary determined?

The district’s boundary is usually based on various factors such as geography, population, and administrative considerations.

Who is the head of the district administration?

The Collector, who is an IAS officer, heads the district administration.

Are there any plans for further division or merging of districts?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding further division or merging of districts in Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu’s administrative divisions in the form of districts play a crucial role in the state’s governance. These districts not only ensure efficient administration but also promote local governance and equitable service delivery. Each district contributes to the overall development of the state while preserving its unique identity and cultural heritage. As Tamil Nadu continues to progress, the districts will remain the backbone of its administrative framework.

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